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Classroom Expectations

Classroom Rules:

  • Must wear tennis shoes (No boots, flip flops, sperrys, etc.)
  • Positive Attitude
  • Participation is a must
  • No gum, drinks, food, etc. in the gym
  • Keep your hands to yourself (no hitting, kicking, tripping, etc.)

Classroom Procedures:

  • Everyday you will come in and have a seat in your assigned area
  • Quietly wait for instructions from coaches
  • Coaches will put you through warm up and then give you instructions for the activity planned


My Expectations:

  • We expect our students to come in with a positive attitude ready to participate. You must remember to wear your shoes everyday. We will have an alternate workout for those who do not bring shoes to do. We expect our students to be good sports throught all activities and be good teammates to their classmates.