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6th Grade Assignment / Test Policy


Date sent home: ___________

Date due back :___________


Dear Parent/Guardian of __________________________:


As your child’s teachers, we need your help in making sure your child gets the most out of their educational experience.  Please read the following policy on all assignments and tests your child will be taking this year. You and your child need to initial by each expectation, sign at the bottom, and return to your child’s homeroom teacher. A copy will be made and sent back home, and the original will be kept by the homeroom teacher.

(PI=parent initial, SI=student initial)


PI      SI

___  ___ An assignment sheet will be kept by each student in their homework folder. Students are responsible for                    taking their homework folder home daily, and parent are responsible for checking it.

___  ___ Students are expected to do all assignments to the best of their ability and turn in on time. 11 points will be                deducted from the grade for each day late.

___  ___ If a student has 2 late assignments in one week, the student will be given a negative mark on their pride                      sheet for defiance.

___  ___If a student has more than 3 late assignments in a grading period, a parent/teacher conference will be                         arranged.

___  ___ Students will maintain their assignment sheet as a part of showing responsibility. Parents/Guardians will                    check the assignment sheet each night.

___  ___ Graded papers will be sent home on Mondays with the P.R.I.D.E.sheet and assignment sheet.                                        Parents/Guardians should look through all the papers WITH their child.

___  ___ Assignments with a grade below 70 are FAILED assignments. Students should correct the papers by                          Friday after they received them on Monday. Corrections will not be accepted past the Friday of the same                    week they received them. Corrected papers will receive a grade no higher than 70. Students may need                        extra help with correcting papers and should arrange with their teachers for after school tutorials. This is                  the responsibility of the student/parent to arrange to stay for extra help.

___  ___ If a student fails a test, the student will need to correct the test using the I.W. Evans correction form, which                will raise the grade to a 70. The student will need to arrange with his/her teacher a time after school to go                  back over the material taught to ensure mastering of the objectives. Your child may then take another test                  over the objectives for an extra test grade and must be completed within 2 weeks of the original test date                  and no later than the last day of the grading period.

___  ___ If your child is unable to complete work due to an emergency (death, sickness, hospitalization, car wreck,                  etc), then the parent will need to write a note explaining the emergency for late work policy to be waived                    for ONE day.

___  ___ If your child misses class, it is their responsibility to get and finish their makeup work in the number of                      days absent + one day. After that time, if work isn’t turned in the 11 point per day penalty will be deducted                  from the grade.

___  ___ Students absent from class may need to arrange for after school time to be taught the material they                            missed. It is up to the student and/or parent to arrange this time.

___  ___ Students should be responsible and have all necessary supplies for EACH day of school. Preparedness is                 the first step in success. If there is a financial issue behind not having necessary supplies, you will need                   to communicate that with your child’s teacher(s) as soon as possible.

___  ___ Students and their parent/guardian will share information, as soon as possible, about any situation that                      will cause a disruption to their education, so that we may be informed and provide help If we are able.


___________________________  ___________________________ ______________

Student Printed Name Student Signature Date


___________________________  ___________________________ ______________

Parent/Guardian Printed Name     Parent/Guardian Signature Date



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